5 Worst Disasters of 2020 || Worst year of the Century

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Disasters start pouring with the start of 2020. Few started just before 2020 and plagued the year; few started in 2020 and spread destruction. Here we will mention and discuss the 5 worst disasters of 2020 that made this year the worst year of the century. 

worst disaster 2020

Coronavirus (COVID 19)|| Worst disaster of 2020:

At this stage, we all know about coronavirus and how it plagued the whole world. It is certainly one of the worst disasters of 2020. Although the first case of Coronavirus emerges in November 2019, humanity faced the real intensity of this disease in 2020. The virus that allegedly emerged from Wuhan, spread in the whole world in a matter of months. The death toll of the virus is shockingly high. According to Aljazeera, more than 19.51 million people are infected and about 725,000 have died. 


Coronavirus impacted the world economically, socially and politically. It toppled the economies, halted education, even paused the whole world for a couple of months. The financial impact of COVID 19 exceeded the social and political impact. Due to global lockdown, business all around the globe experienced a major hit. Global Stock Market plummeted. Unemployment rate skyrocketed. According to the BBC, in USA 10.4% of people lost their job, and this problem is still on the rise. 

Apart from financial problems. the world also faces political and social problems. Coronavirus put a halt on the education system and Governments had to develop new techniques to continue the education system. This gave rise to online classes and online learning which also had lots of issues. Social distancing was also made necessary. 

Australian Bushfire:

Disasters of 2020 just kept coming after coronavirus. One of the saddest incidents among them is the Australian Bushfire. Although bushfires have been a regular occurrence in Australia, this time is broke all the previous records. It started in December 2019 and soon transformed into the worst and the biggest bushfire of history.

Australian Bushfire

It took 3 months to extinguish the fire but it left unbearable losses. According to a report, bushfires have killed 28 people, destroyed up to 3000 houses and affected up to a billion animals. 

Puerto-Rico Earthquakes:

Puerto-Rico has also faced its biggest natural disaster in the wake of 2020, earthquakes. Since December 2019, Puerto-Rico has faced more 2400 earthquakes which included the worst earthquakes of the century. There had been three strongest earthquakes which also produced several aftershocks. These earthquakes left Puerto-Rico upside down. 

Puerto-Rico Earthquakes

According to the Center of Disaster Philanthropy, the loss that the country received from these earthquakes sums up to $3.1 Billion. Moreover, more than 550 houses were destroyed and the infrastructure is completely toppled. 

Locusts Swarms:

Other than pandemic and fire and earthquakes, 2020 also brought locusts swarms to make things worse. Millions of locusts swarms ravaged Africa, India and Pakistan. These locusts do not directly affect or kill humans but they destroy the crops completely consequently creating the food shortage in an area. 

Locusts Swarms

This is also one of the worst attacks of locusts since last 2 decades and it can create a massive food shortage in the whole world. With the ongoing pandemic and other natural disasters, locusts swarms are creating further problems for humanity. A report predicted that if the locusts’ swarms won’t be dealt with, it can pose a threat to the livelihood of 10% population of the whole world

Beirut Explosions:

This is the most recent and most heartbreaking disaster of 2020. The day of 4 August brought disasters for Beirut. In the early evening, a small explosion occurred near a warehouse in Beirut. After a few minutes, a gigantic explosion created havoc in the city. This humungous explosion destroyed the whole infrastructure of the city. The whole city turned into ruins. 

Beirut Explosions

According to the Center of Disaster Philanthropy, at least 137 people died and more than 5000 people are injured. Many are still missing and the Government is still estimating it loses. The explosion occurred due to the unattended Ammonium Nitrate in one of the warehouse. This Ammonium Nitrate was confiscated from a smuggler about 6 years ago and was stored in a warehouse. When this chemical came in contact with the fire of the first explosion, it exploded, creating a doomsday scenario for the people of Beirut. 

Apart from these 5 disasters, there are many more, and we are still only halfway through 2020.

What do you think is the worst disaster for humanity?

How did it affect you or your country?



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