Top 5 Turkish Historical Drama Series

Top 5 Turkish Historical Drama Series

We will look at the Top 5 Turkish Historical Drama Series in this article. Whether it is about Ertugrul or Suleman the magnificent, Turkey is constantly making engaging historic content. Furthermore, Turkey is not only creating alluring content but also spreading its own history though these stories.

Following is a list of top 5 Turkish Historic Drama Series that are must to watch if you are into the history.

Diriliş Ertuğrul/Resurrection Ertugrul: (Completed)

Resurrection Ertugrul


The first one in the list of top 5  Turkish Historic Drama Series is obviously Diriliş Ertuğrul. It is not a new name for any of us as this series has gained popularity in recent years. In fact, it is the most watched Drama in Pakistan right now. The series revolves around Ertugrul, son of Suleyman Shah, who leads his small tribe to lay a foundation of a great empire. The series portrays the struggles and hardships Ertugrul faced in his attempt to gain success. The story also teaches us about the customs and traditions of Turkey and many things about Islam.

If you are interested in the history of Ottoman Empire, this series is a must to watch. Although it is still debatable that whether the story is authentic or not. The characters and some of the events in the series still show the real history. It has 5 seasons and about 150 episodes. Though, the number of episodes varies in different media platforms.

Kurulus Osman/Founder Osman: (Ongoing)

Top 5 Turkish Historical Drama Series

Have you completed Dirilis Ertugrul? and want to know what happened next? Fortunately, there is a new series name Kurulus Osman, which is the continuation of Ertugrul. Osman was the third son of Ertugrul who laid the foundation of Ottoman Empire. He is the founding father of Ottoman Empire.

Kurulus Osman is the series that tells the story of Osman and his struggle towards the making of Ottoman Empire. The story is very engaging and it also includes many characters from the Dirilis Ertugrul like Bamsi and Turgut. It is a new series that is recently aired. It is an ongoing series and the story is still in progress. The number of episodes that are aired are 21.

Muhteşem Yüzyıl/ The Magnificent Century: (Completed)

Top 5 Turkish Historical Drama Series

In the list of Top 5 Turkish Historical Drama Series, this series comes next. This series is widely known as Mera Sultan in Pakistan. The story revolves around Sultan Suleyman and his wife Hurrem Sultan. Sultan Suleman was the longest reigning emperor of the Ottoman Empire.  After him, the downfall of Ottoman Empire started. The series shows the life and court of Sultan Suleyman as well as the relationship among the members of imperial household. It focuses on the romantic relationships of princes and princesses and rivalries among the wives of Sultan Suleyman.

The series consists of 4 seasons and about 139 episodes. If you are into soap opera, this series is one of the best choices you have.

Payitaht: Abdülhamid/The Last Emperor: (Ongoing)

Top 5 Turkish Historical Drama Series

This series is about Sultan Abdulhamid who was also the last emperor of Ottoman Empire. The story revolves around the life of Sultan Abdulhamid and his attempts to industrialize Turkey prior to World War 1 (WW1). This series is a bit controversial and according to some it is also biased. Still the story line and the acting is marvelous and very engaging. It also covers some events about the WW1.

The series is still ongoing and has 4 seasons and about 116 episodes. If you are interested about the last Sultan of the great Ottoman Empire, this series is for you.

Rise of Empires: Ottoman: (Ongoing)

Rise of Ottoman

Last but not the least in the list of Top 5 Turkish Historical Drama Series is Rise of Empires: Ottoman. This is a Turkish historic Docudrama (or documentary drama) which revolves around the campaign of Sultan Mehmed II. The campaign is to take the  Eastern Roman capital of Constantinople. The series is very engaging and it covers the war strategies of the historic times.

The series is still ongoing and has only 6 episodes for now.



This is the list of Top 5 Turkish Historical Drama Series. Which one are you watching or going to watch?

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