Top 3 Funny and Weird News Stories of 2020

Funny and Weird

There are the times when newspapers publish some stories that are at once funny and weird. These Funny and weird news stories can either make you laugh or make you cringe. There is no other way around. Let’s try to find these Funny and Weird news of 2020.

Pigeon caught on the suspicion of being a Spy:

Pigeon caught Funny and Weird News

The first news is equal parts funny and weird. This is about a pigeon that was arrested in India on the suspicion of being a spy. Hysterical right? The poor pigeon was flying over Indian Occupied Kashmir. It landed on a house to take some rest. The owner of the house captured the poor soul and passed it to the local Police. Police arrested the pigeon on the suspicion of being a spy. It seems like some indicators made the pigeon spy.

The first indicator was that the pigeon was painted in pink (which might be the hallmark of the spies in that area which I do not know). The second and powerful indicator was that the pigeon was wearing a ring that was engraved with some kind of numbers. Police believed that these number can be some kind of code. Due to this assumption, the pigeon was arrested and Police started investigating the pigeon.

That is right, they started investigating the pigeon. I guess they have some kind of pigeon-special cells and interrogation rooms for that purpose, who knows? It is possible that poor pigeon experienced torture and told the Police everything. We at least know that the pigeon was X-rayed and was interrogated by the police.

Even after interrogation and investigation, Police did not find anything from the pigeon and deemed the pigeon not guilty. Police also stated that they had released the pigeon. At least this is welcoming news for the pigeon community. The pigeon, however, never appeared in any news again.

That was extremely funny and hilarious. Maybe a little bit weird. This news also generated some worth reading and funny news headlines. Some of them are given below

  • Pigeon arrested by Indian police on suspicion of being a SPY.
  • India: A Pigeon Has Been Arrested And Accused of Being a Spy.
  • Pakistani ‘spy pigeon’ arrested in India.

If you think that was hilarious, there are more. Let’s move onto the next weird news.

Pigeon caught Funny and Weird News

Penguins Poo made the scientist laugh like crazy:

Scientists in Atlanta found out that the poo of the penguins can make the laughing gas which can make you go insane. They found this funny fact after a weird coincidence. A group of scientists were studying the penguins in Atlanta when one of the scientists started laughing like crazy. When scientists did not find anything funny to laugh alongside there companion, they sent him for the medical checkup. What they found was simultaneously revealing and funny.

The revealing part was that the penguin poo has an immense quantity of nitrogen which when react with atmosphere can turn into laughing gas. And the funny part is that the whole story is funny and hilarious. So, now if you go to a zoo to see penguins and start laughing like an idiot, do not be alarmed. You are still sane, just the penguin poo is revealing your true self.

At least Penguins are creating funny stories.

Penguins Poo Funny and Weird News

Dog tricked and deceived another dog:

Dogs are also not far behind the penguins.

Can you believe that dogs can lie and trick? Weird, isn’t it? Well, it is true. A Redditor posted a funny story of his dog tricking another dog on Reddit.

Dog tricked Funny and Weird News

The Redditor explained that several dogs were playing with this ball in the park. The ball was rather popular among the dogs. One dog, named Richard, suddenly snatched the ball from the Redditor’s dog and started playing with the ball all alone. The Redditor’s dog contemplated for a little bit and then started playing with a random stick.

“The stick was not any special. But my dog was playing with it like there was not a better toy in the whole park. Although he does not like playing with sticks” Redditor wrote. After a little while, Richard noticed Redditor’s dog joyfully playing with a stick and having so much fun. Richard dropped the ball and came to puck up the stick. Redditor’s dog did not waste a second and snatched the ball from the ground, leaving Richard with a random stick.

Wasn’t it smart? The dog basically outsmarted the other dog through his master plan. This also is funny how animals can manipulate situations. Are they learning trickery from humans? There is not research whether they are or not, but they are certainly smarter than we think.

This was probably one of the Funny and Weird cutest news that I read on Reddit.



That is it for the funny and weird news of 2020. Do you know any funny or weird news story that made your day? Maybe any hilarious news headlines that were witty and funny and weird at the same time?

Do share your weird and funny stories with us.

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