Should Government Build Temple in Islamabad ? || Is This Good Or Not ? || 4 Kanal Land For Hindu Temple

temple in islamabad

Government is facing backlash from the clerics for funding the construction of Hindu Temple in Islamabad. Clerics are making different arguments against this project. In this article we will analyse those arguments and try to find out the solution of those arguments.

temple in islamabad

First argument that clerics and some political groups are making is that constructing temple is against the essence of Islam. According to Dawn, Punjab Assembly speaker and leader of PML Q, Chadhary Parvez Ilahi, stated that the construction of the temple is against the spirit of Islam as well as the philosophy of “Riyasat-e-Medina”. He also cleared that he is not against the worship places for minorities as in his reign he renovated many temples. But he emphasized that constructing a new temple is against the teachings of Islam.

Some clerics from the known religious parties also denounce the construction of the Hindu Temple. According to some clerics, it is permissible to renovate the existing worship places of Non-Muslim minorities, but is not permissible to newly construct the worship place.

Second argument that is put forward by the people who are against the construction of the temple is that Hindus already have a temple in Islamabad. Government should renovate existing temple instead of spending a fortune on making a new one. Furthermore, the protesters voiced that there are more imminent problems that government should address. For example, Government should first fund the hospitals to properly solve the rising problem of Coronavirus.

temple in islamabad

Twitter and other social media platforms are filled with the discussion about the temple. Few are against it, few are not. Few want temple to be built, few do not. On twitter, some are saying that they do not like their tax money to be spent on constructing the temple. Few believes that Government should let Hindus pay for the construction of their own temple and should not spend its own money.

Lets jolt down some of the arguments and try to find the answers of those arguments.

First argument is that it is against the spirit of Islam to built a new temple. But it is permissible to renovate or reconstruct an old one. This argument is a bit vague. If it is permissible to reconstruct the existing temple, then why it is not allowed to build a new one? Unfortunately, there is no order in Islam that specifically states the above mentioned argument or refrain Muslims States to build worship places for the minorities.

Furthermore, Pakistan was built on the principle of equality. As Quaid-e-Azam categorically stated that

“We stand by our declarations that members of every community will be treated as citizens of Pakistan with equal rights and privileges and obligations and that Minorities will be safeguarded and protected.”

It means that soul of the country persists in the equality. It persists in the equality that every citizen has right to have his own place of worship. For all men are equal in the country no matter which religion they belong to. So if Government is making mosques for Muslims, Government should also make temples or worship places for Non-Muslims.

temple in islamabad

Last but not the least, Pakistan does not follow Islamic jurisprudence entirely. The Police infrastructure is built on the principles that were left behind by the British Government. Similarly, Pakistan armed forces follow the same structure that was applicable in the Sub-continent of India . The Judicial laws and Criminal laws are also left to us by the British Government. So, when everything we follow is inherited to us by the British Government, why we do not follow the equality practiced in Western Countries?

Is it that in Pakistan, every man is equal but some men are more equal than others? Or that we only want equality for ourselves and do not want it to anyone else?

What do you think about the construction of the temple in Islamabad?

Should Government build it? or not?



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