5 Worst Disasters of 2020 || Worst year of the Century

worst 2020
August 9, 2020 0 Comments

Disasters start pouring with the start of 2020. Few started just before 2020 and plagued the year; few started in 2020 and spread destruction. Here we will mention and discuss the 5 worst disasters of 2020 that made this year the worst year of the century.  Coronavirus (COVID 19)|| Worst disaster of 2020: At this …

End Rape Pakistan || Akhir Kab Tak || Top Trending 2020

end rape pakistan
July 18, 2020 4 Comments

Rape Pakistan came to international attention after politically sanctioned rape of Mukhtaran Bibi. The group “War Against Rape (WAR)” has documented the severity of rape in Pakistan, and the police indifference to it. According to Shahla Haeri, Women’s Studies professor, rape in Pakistan is often institutionalised and at times has the explicit approval of the …

Should Government Build Temple in Islamabad ? || Is This Good Or Not ? || 4 Kanal Land For Hindu Temple

temple in islamabad
July 9, 2020 0 Comments

Government is facing backlash from the clerics for funding the construction of Hindu Temple in Islamabad. Clerics are making different arguments against this project. In this article we will analyse those arguments and try to find out the solution of those arguments. First argument that clerics and some political groups are making is that constructing …

3 Stunning and Easy Memory Techniques that will improve your memory

Memory Techniques
July 2, 2020 0 Comments

Memorizing things effortlessly feels really alluring. But not everyone has this Eidetic memory to read and memorize instantly. Luckily, some techniques can help you improve your memory by tenfolds. These memory techniques are fairly easy, straight forward and can help you to retain for longer. Whether you are a student and looking to enhance your …

PTA Has Temporarily Suspended The PUBG || PUBG Ban In Pakistan 2020

pubg ban in pakistan
July 1, 2020 3 Comments

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has temporarily suspended the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) game. Says the game is banned over complaints that it is “addictive, wastage of time and poses serious negative impact on physical & mental health”. Pakistan’s state-run telecom regulator has said that due to complaints from people it had temporarily banned the online …