Online Exams: A Terrible Evaluation || Lockdown 2020

online exam

After we talked about online classes, lets move on to online exams. We know that the concept of E-classes in Pakistan did not fit well due to different credible reasons. Different problems arouse due to the lack of resources, lack of capital and lack of management. But, what about E-exams? Is this a good way to evaluate the students?

Online exams generally mean that the students will take examinations via internet from their homes. Now there are a few problems that is causing disturbance among the students regarding online exams.

Lack of Resources:

This is a common factor that is negatively affecting the whole notion of online classes and exams. Majority of the students from the remote areas lack the resources to enroll in online classes and undertake online exams. Some of these areas do not even have the proper internet connection that is a necessity for the E-exams. Some students cannot afford proper internet connection or the laptops.

Now if HEC take online exams, will they disregard these less fortunate students?

Managing Online Exams:

Another problem that is hindering the whole concept is the lack of management. Universities failed to conduct proper online classes. Now how can the students trust these universities to undertake exams? Furthermore, how can universities evaluate the students when the exams are being conducted under no supervision and without proper surveillance?

online exam

Insecure Websites:

Few days ago, some hacker hacked the HEC website and posted some messages on the website. Now think about it for a minute. If hackers can hack Government websites, they can also hack university websites and can meddle with the data or the result of E-exams. Universities and Government should first secure their websites and then talk about talking E-exams.

These are the main problems that  can completely destroy the main purpose of examination. Moreover, evaluation of anything can only be done when the students are taught properly. Which, unfortunately, they were not.

online exam

What do you think about E-exams?

Do you think HEC should take E-exams?

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