Online Classes: a nightmare for students || Lockdown 2020

online classes

You know that there is something wrong with a policy when everyone is taking against it. Yes, we are talking about Online Classes in Pakistan. Due to the Corona Pandemic, Government decided to initiate online classes for the students. But due to the lack of resources and lack of management, online classes have created more problems than solutions. Students are getting rightfully angry on this unplanned decision. Meanwhile, there is a great debate against the online classes that has taken social media by storm. Students are putting forward some valid arguments against the online classes through these social media platforms.

Lets talk about some of the problems that are disturbing students profusely.

The Redundancy of Online Classes:

A burden for Unprivileged:

Due to the Corona Pandemic, HEC ordered universities and schools to start online classes. The decision was undoubtedly plausible. But HEC and Government overestimated the resources needed for the initiation of online classes.

First of all, many students from the remote areas have no laptops or even internet connections to enroll into these online classes. Furthermore, it needs lots of resources and, of course, money to maintain high-end internet connection that is required for online classes. Unfortunately, most of the students cannot afford these expenses. So it is safe to say that online classes cannot be fully operated unless every student has certain capital.

The stories of the students are also circulating on the social media that are facing difficulties attending online classes.

Online Classes

Universities are charging full fees:

Students are also feeling angry because of the approach of the universities towards the semester fees. Most of the arguments actually makes sense. Is it even fair that without conducting proper classes, universities are asking the students to submit full fees? Universities are closed. Classes are closed. There is no electricity bill, there is no maintenance bill, and not even full staff is working. Then why should students pay full fees to the universities? That is the question government should ask from the universities. Moreover, Corona has severely affected the financial conditions of the people. They cannot afford to pay these fees to the universities, especially in this situation. Universities should start showing empathy towards its students instead of just thinking about their own business.

Protest against online

Subpar quality of online classes:

The idea of online classes in Pakistan is certainly commendable. But most of the universities are not even conducting proper classes. Universities or responsible personnel have just made groups on social media platforms and instead of conducting proper classes, they are just dropping materials for the students to read and learn on their own. Furthermore, the students are receiving assignments in the same fashion. This idea of conducting online classes in this way is not commendable. Universities should either conduct proper classes or stop wasting the time and resources of the students on this type of tasteless comedy skits.

What do you think about the online classes? Should they be continued as it is? Or Government should first try to resolve these issues that are posing problem to the online classes? Or Government should stop the online classes entirely?

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