3 Stunning and Easy Memory Techniques that will improve your memory

Memory Techniques

Memorizing things effortlessly feels really alluring. But not everyone has this Eidetic memory to read and memorize instantly. Luckily, some techniques can help you improve your memory by tenfolds. These memory techniques are fairly easy, straight forward and can help you to retain for longer.

Whether you are a student and looking to enhance your memory power for your studies. Or there is an upcoming test for which you have to memorize a certain subject. Or you are just interested in increasing your memory for studies.

You can also be a white-collar worker for which remembering everyday things are the basic requirement of your job. Or maybe you are a businessman who is struggling to remember his clients and customers name. If you are struggling with your memory just do not panic. No matter which profession you belong to, these common tips and trick will help you improve your memory.


There are some very easy strategies that can be used to increase your memory. Let’s not waste our time any further and jump right into the science of memory.



This is the single most effective memory technique that will greatly enhance your memory. Not only that, but it will also help you to retain things for a longer period.

Lets first ask an obvious question. What is visualization?

In the science of memory, visualization is a technique in which you give an analogy to the things that you need to remember. Let me make it simpler, easier and better. Assume that you want to memorize certain vocabulary words that you are feeling difficult to remember. Now take those words and think of them as an object. For example, let’s say you want to remember a sentence in the Spanish language. The sentence is

“El papel aguanta todo”

Now how to memorize this sentence? Start visualizing each and every word.

  • For the first word “El”, think of “Ey” or “Oye” and visualize a person calling you.
  • “Papel” is close to the word “Paper”, so think of it as paper.
  • “Aguanta” for me is like “Atlanta”, a snowy place filled with chilling winds.
  • Last but not least “todo”. You can visualize it as “to do” or a “to-do list”.
  • Now for the whole sentence, visualize a person calling you and telling you that he found a paper in Atlanta on which someone has written his/her “to-do” list.

El papel aguanta todo. It does make it easier right?

You can use the same technique for memorizing Mathematics equations or Physics equations or Chemistry equations.

It is always easy for your brain to remember things that are in the form of pictures or the things that you can see, smell, touch or feel.

Let us consider one more example. Suppose you want to remember the formula of force which is


Now visualize a mule or a donkey flying with increasing acceleration towards you. This is at once fumy and terrifying. Now imagine that the donkey is really fat, which means it has lots of mass. Put this equation on that fast, flying fat donkey and you will remember the equation for the rest of your life.

Isn’t it fun? Remember, the weirder and funnier your visualization is the faster your brain will remember it.

Start visualizing things and you will get a better memory. It feels difficult at first, but with the time you will get used to it.

Let’s move to our second memory technique.


This memory technique is effective in memorizing paragraphs or essays. So this is really effective for you if you are a student. Chunking is a technique in which you cut down a paragraph into smaller portions or chunks. Then you memorize those chunks separately and start linking these chunks with one another. Keep in mind you should first understand the meaning of the chunk, compact it and then memorize it. 

memory techniques

It works like motor skills. when you start driving or start playing football. you do not get better at it on your first go unless obviously, you are some kind of prodigy. It takes time to get better. You start by performing simpler tasks first. When dribbling you start with one or two moves first. With time you can perform dribbling without focusing or putting any effort into it.

The same principle helps you memorize a paragraph from a book, or better, to memorize the whole book. Divide the paragraph into smaller, meaningful chunks. Link them with other smaller, meaningful chunks you memorized. And boom, you can memories the whole paragraph with ease.


Let me tell you another technique which will help you in enhancing your memory. Start with the bigger picture. If you are a student and want to memorize a whole chapter. Start by looking at the highlighted things of the chapter. These things can be images, headings or different quotes. Anything that strikes you at your first glance. By doing that you will create a visualization of that chapter in your mind.

After you have done visualizing the chapter, start chunking the bigger chunks into smaller chunks and enhance your memory.

The Protégé effect:

The Protegee Effect


This memory technique is simultaneously easier and exciting. According to this technique, if you explain anything to someone, you will retain that thing or concept for a longer period.

Exciting right?

So, if you want to remember any concept or you are working on some kind of Mathematics problems. Just explain it to your family or friends or better, teach it to them. And you will get the astonishing results.

This can also help you in learning smartly when you are studying in the groups.

  • Choose a chapter that you want to memorize.
  • Divide it into different chunks.
  • Assign every chunk to one of the group members.
  • Ask every member to work on their assigned chunk.
  • Then ask every member to explain it to the other group member what they learnt.

Not only that everyone will retain longer what they learnt, but they will also get the gist of the other chunks. Which will help them when they will memorize those other parts of the chapter. 

That is how you can increase and enhance your memory by using simple memory techniques.

Memory Techniques

There are lots of other factors that play a vital role when it comes to increasing your memory. Some of the basic methods are exercise, fresh and natural food, environment and determination.

What do you think about these exciting memory techniques?

Have you ever used any of these memory techniques before?

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