Love Marriage VS Arrange Marriage || Article 2020

love marriages vs arrange marriages

In the discussion of love marriage vs arrange marriage, love marriage always feel so tempting. No matter what someone says or thinks, if you are marrying the person you love, you will be happy. This is a common concept of younger generation. On the other hand, our parents have different ideas. They passionately support arrange marriage. They think it is better if the girl or a boy comes from the family or from a household they know of. There are pros and cons of love marriage and arrange marriage. But which one is better? That is the hot question people usually ask. Lets start the battle of love marriage vs arrange marriage.

Love Marriage VS Arrange Marriage

 Pros and Cons of Love and Arrange Marriage:

When we talk about love marriage vs arrange marriage, there are always some pros and cons.

Pros of Love Marriage:

Lets start with the love marriage and it pros

  • You know your spouse before the marriage and you are aware of his/her habits and behavior.
  • You already love your spouse and do not have to wait for the understanding and love.
  • You have planned lots of the things beforehand.
  • You have resolved lots of differences before getting into marriage.
  • Last but not the least, you already love each other.

Pros of Arrange Marriage:

Arrange marriage also have its pros. Lets make a list

  • You will experience the whole process of understanding your spouse and falling in love with him/her.
  • You will have the blessings and support of your family.
  • If you face any problem along the line, your family will always be there to resolve that problem.
  • It would be a fun to start knowing each other from the start and realizing each others habits and behaviors.

Cons of Love Marriage:

Where there are benefits for love and arrange marriage, there are also some cons. Lets first talk about the cons of Love marriage

  • Most of the times, your parents and family will not agree to love marriage. So, you will be making them angry and sad.
  • You already know your spouse, so there will not be anything new to talk about after marriage.
  • If you have made your family angry for your love marriage, you will not be able to talk to them to resolve your marital issues.
  • Statistically, there are more problems and divorces among the couples who have love marriage.

Cons of Arrange Marriage:

There are a few cons of the arrange marriage as well. Lets talk about those as well

  • You do not know about the behavior and habits of your spouse. You are basically marrying to a stranger.
  • It will take a long time to completely understand your spouse and to start modifying your own habits for the sake of marriage.
  • There occur some mishaps if the household you are married in are not what they showed you.

Well, these are some of the pros and cons of Love marriage vs Arrange marriage.

What do you think about these and which type of marriage you would like to go into?

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