India VS China; A start of WW3 or a beatdown at Ladakh?

India VS China; A start of WW3 or a beatdown at Ladakh?

India is again finding troubles on its borders. But this time the trouble is awfully big, even magnanimous. The trouble is China’s schooling of Indian soldiers for allegedly crossing the LAC (Line of Actual control) in Ladakh. The dispute between China and India happened few days ago. Apparently, Chinese soldiers beat the Indian soldiers really bad, and India fell back, having tear in her eyes, after loosing 20 soldiers in the clash. Now, as usual, India is putting all the blame on China and acting as innocent as a lamb. Although, no one is buying it.

India VS China; A start of WW3 or a beatdown at Ladakh?

From China to Pakistan to Taiwan to Nepal; India have problems with almost all of her neighbours when it comes to borders. But this time, India has gone into the wrong neighbourhood. We think all of us have watched those King Fu movies in which the Chinese from the Shaolin temple used flying kicks to plummet their opponents. If you see even one of those monks, you just run without looking back. This time there were more of those monks, and no one has told this secret to Indian Soldiers. And now not Indian Soldiers are receiving those wicked Kung Fu kicks but has also yielded about 200 Km of their land to China.

This is not India’s first adventure. India has also tried to meddle with Pakistan about a year ago and not surprisingly was defeated and humiliated and lost one of its MiG 21 and a pilot. Pakistan found both the pilot and MiG 21. Unfortunately, like the pilot the plane was not in one piece. Pakistan was also courteous to the pilot. Pakistan offered tea to the pilot, which he really liked and then released him to the India as a gesture of goodwill.

India VS China; A start of WW3 or a beatdown at Ladakh?It seems like China will not be as easygoing and friendly as the Pakistan was. China has already captured a vast area of India and does not intend to back off. Even though Indian soldiers are really angry and protesting against this beating, with banners in their hands. Let us see how this situation unfolds and what China has more for India in its deposits. BBC speculated that this can be the start of World War 3. Can it go this far or India will be happy receiving tea from China as well?

Furthermore, India is again threatening Pakistan of an another adventure. Apparently, India has bought more MiG 21 and its soldiers are not finding good tea in India. Pakistanis on twitter are welcoming India with open arms. They are saying that Pakistan have enough tea for more Indian Soldiers. And that if India needs more surprises like the last time, come again and be surprised.

India VS China; A start of WW3 or a beatdown at Ladakh?


What do you think about the recent situation of India and China?

Do you think India would try to do any funny business with Pakistan again?

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