What To Watch After Number 1 Drilis Ertugrul? An exciting news for Ertugrul Fans.

For the people who have binge watched Ertugrul Ghazi and are now out of options, there is an Exciting news. Turkey has released sequel of Dirilis Ertugrul, named Kurulus Osman.

Dirilis Ertugrul is one of the most famous series in Pakistan for about 5 months now. The public has rejected all the local drama series and welcomed this Turkish Historical Drama. Despite of the constant backlash from the celebrities and local industry, the popularity of drama has not faded even a little bit. Most people have already finished watching the series and now wondering what to do next. The answer of this question is at once satisfying and thrilling. Because there is a good news for the fans of Ertugrul Ghazi.

The good news is that Turkey has introduced a new drama series, named Kurulus Osman, which is the continuation of Dirilis Ertugrul. The series portrays the life of Osman, who was the third and the youngest son of Ertugrul Ghazi.  He later became the founder of Ottoman Empire. Osman closely followed the footsteps of his father Ertugrul and spent his life battling with the Templars and other enemies of his Kayi tribe. The series entails all the details of the enthralling life of Osman in an intriguing fashion.

kurulus osman

Kurulus Osman has also starred some of the famous characters of Drilis Ertugrul. Turgut who is one of the most beloved character in Ertugrul ghazi, can be seen alongside Bamsi in Kurulus Osman. Similarly, Selcan Hatun can also be seen in the series. Unfortunately, Ertugrul was not played by the Engin Altan in the series. Nevertheless, Krulus Osman shares the same story and further continues the legacy of Ertugrul.

For the people who have completed Drilis Ertugrul and are wondering what to watch next; this is the best and most suitable option. The cast contains familiar characters, the story contains familiar aspects and the whole series contains similar scenery and shares similar story line. Furthermore, the story also shows the glory days of Ertugrul Ghazi. So, lets not wait any further and ride on another train of Ertugrul Ghazi and Histoy of Turkish Empire.

kurulus osman

Kurulus Osman is available on Netflix, on Youtube and on some other platforms.

What do you think about Krulus Osman? Is it worth watching?

2 thoughts on “What To Watch After Number 1 Drilis Ertugrul? An exciting news for Ertugrul Fans.

  1. More power.i am not watching the drama ertugrul but i can say it is worth watching and krulus osman will be too. Turkey 🇹🇷 is supporting Pakistan 🇵🇰. Doing Good enough. Many more to come InshaAllah ❤️

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