Afghan Taliban declared Jihad against India || Breaking News 2020

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Amid the hype created by Turkish Historic Series; Resurrection Ertugrul, a news that Afghan Taliban declared Jihad against India has ignited further speculations. On 14th of May, Afghan Taliban announced that they will start Jihad against India after Eid ul Fitr. The increasing atrocities and the bloodshed in Kashmir has instigated this response from the Afghan Taliban. The ever compounding situation of Kashmir and the massacre of Kashmiris has aggravated the Muslim World. Furthermore, the decision of Modi Administration to pass Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has also revealed the true nature of India.

Afghan Taliban declared Jihad against India

Twitter Response

The news that Afghan Taliban declared Jihad against India also took twitter by storm. People are connecting the dots of this announcement with the famous Turkish Drama Series; Resurrection Ertugrul. In some funny Pakistani tweets, Pakistani Public is referring that Taliban has declared Jihad because they are also watching Resurrection Ertugrul.

Tweet about Afghan Taliban Jihad


Moreover, this news that Taliban declared Jihad in India also motivated the meme community to start making sarcastic and funny memes. These memes are also connecting the news of Afghan Taliban starting Jihad in India with the Resurrection Ertugrul. These funny and sarcastic memes are also indicating that the Taliban are influenced by Turkish Drama Series. And they are declaring Jihad because the Ertigrul is motivating them.

Meme of Afghan Taliban jihad

About Resurrection Ertigrul

The Historic Series that recently got acknowledged by PM Imran Khan. Prime Minister then ordered to air this Series on PTV. The series is all about the rise of Ottoman Empire. It features different historic figures especially Ertugrul who struggles against Templars and Mongols. Ertugrul and his companions devote their lives for the glory of Islam and their tribe. The whole series revolves around customs, traditions, Islam and the importance of Jihad against tyrant. It is really fun to watch and also very informative. It also features a leading Islamic Historical Figure “Ibn ul Arabi”.

Resurrection Ertugrul

What do you think about the news and the response of Pakistanis on twitter and facebook?



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