A downpour that smells of Pakistan! – ( Rimsha Mubashir )

A downpour that smells of Pakistan!
Fields in the sky
Rainclouds rushing
Storms ensue, heat lightening confetti
No place to pour
Or strike upon.
He rages and raves
An angry Ocean
Of blues and blacks
—ink and pain.
Crackling air and mourning skies
Should we dance or should we cry?
Chrysanthemums and carnage
and freshly served
They taste of hope
Of a mother’s embrace
Home, at last.
A downpour that smells of Pakistan!
There’s a drizzle now
Soft raindrop kisses
An intermission, you may, before the downpour:
But it’s okay, it’s safe
It smells of a herald
We’ll swim through it,
We’ll build a ship,
(“all aboard!”)
For it smells of home
Of broken houses with beating hearts.
This downpour smells
of Pakistan.
A downpour that smells of Pakistan!
Written by :
Rimsha Mubashir
Rimsha is 3rd year MBBS student at Fatima Jinnah Medical University, Pakistan. Her passion for writing and intricate pattern of poetry speaks volumes about her talent.

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